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Lostwithiel's quirky one day festival!

HUGE LostFest thanks and hugs to everyone who helped, drove, sang, danced, played, cooked, crafted, tidied, marshaled, swept up, put up signs, or generally slogged away in the background .... word on the street is that LostFest 2015 was the best yet!     To keep you going until next year (which, by the way, will be on Sunday, 15th May) have a look at this video ...


Street performer

Stalls were open from around 10.00am and music kicked off at 10.30am(ish)

Please follow the Park & Ride signs to avoid too much congestion in town.  Or take the train - Lostwithiel Station is just a short stroll over the medieval bridge to where all the action takes place!

Just so you know, the people to blame for all this merriment were:

Fee Slade, Coordinator

Roberta Hopkins, Stalls

David Guiterman, Entertainment

Glan Morgan, Programme advertising

Francis Dufort, Logistics

Gina O'Keeffe, Litter management

Tessa Guiterman, Volunteers 

Chris Anders, Catering

Jo Erwin, Donations

Mike Dobbie, PR

Sarah Pryce, Social Media

Street performer