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Raising funds for FLEET

Although LostFest is a free festival, it does count on your support and generosity in giving donations to an essential local charity – FLEET (Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust)

Over the years FLEET has worked hard to reduce the time it takes to get trained staff to a cardiac arrest patient, with projects such as community responders, the staff responder scheme and paramedic motorcycles. They are also installing community public access defibrillator cabinets across the county, which increases the chance that patients' lives will be saved by early defibrillation.

FLEET's latest project is to help communities to get a monitored public access defibrillator cabinet in their towns and villages. The cabinet requires power and an internet connection to allow for continuous monitoring of the cabinet and defibrillator. The front door of the cabinet has a unique location vinyl and has a digital coded lock, which the ambulance service provides once access is confirmed by the call handler. When the 999 call is received by ambulance control they can confidently direct the caller to the nearest cabinet knowing it is in full working order and is rescue- ready.

As soon as the cabinet door is opened, alerts are sent to all guardians via the free mobile app. These guardians are able to provide assistance with the patient and ensure that the defibrillator is rescue- ready. The community response has been overwhelming and FLEET have installed over 170 defibrillators in towns and villages throughout Cornwall.

We all know how long it can take an ambulance to get to a cardiac arrest in the area. Although they always do their very best, sometimes it is just impossible to get there any quicker. When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, if defibrillation is delivered within the first three minutes there is a 70% chance of survival. Please visit FLEET at LostFest or visit their website – or for cabinet details




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