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Evening bands

From around 5.30pm our main bands performed on the main stage on the Parade. You could grab a beer at the Skinners tent and something to eat from the Food Village and enjoy live music from two great acts.


from 5.30pm to 6.30pm .....  MorZim


At every event there are those that simply crave the good old days - before the domination of autotune, synth and over-produced music videos. 

For those we say look no further than MorZim, the South West's resident band for all things found deep within the depths of new-wave 70's. 

A music-veteran four piece with a passion to play loud and proud in a way that invites all to join in and dance their socks off ... why would anybody want to miss them!



then from 7.00pm to 8.00pm ..... Bonetired

Bonetired are the new face and sound of Folk Rock. Coming from Cornwall, this group have started to build a local reputation for their haunting melodies and their originality in composition. Their live performances capture only an essence of their passion and love for the music they play.




Live music continued late into the evening at pubs around town.